when life gives you lemons, check into Blue Lime (Cambodia)

for a girl with endless wanderlust tendencies, i am guilty of being a creature of habit whenever i go away. i love experiencing new places ~ but also love a little routine & a sense of familiarity when i travel

having been treated a couple of times by my (beloved & trusted) Ayurvedic doctor in India, & having qualified in Yin Yoga & Ayurveda with The Yoga People, i know that i am a vata dosha / predominantly element-air personality type, which makes me adaptable, creative, open-minded & intuitive ~ it also means that i know i need to balance myself with earth qualities ~ stable, practical & routine ~ especially when i'm traveling...

when i go away i need to know where there are good, local yoga classes (or where in the hotel i can take my self-practice); where i'll find the best places are for healthy plant-based breakies, where the margs be at for Happy Hour ~ & how easy it is to get from one sight to the next scene so that i can reassure myself with some form of plan in the back of my mind ~ although these plans usually fall by the wayside once i've practiced yoga & eaten breakfast...

unashamedly, when i go away & find a place i love with a sense of familiarity to my home-routine that allows me to keep up my habits (yoga, meditation & healthy food), i tend to either keep returning, extend my stay or seek out somewhere similar & stick to it

anyone close to me knows that Cambodia is my spiritual home & i will spend my life returning to that beautiful country. when i touch down in Phonm Penh i head straight to my favourite place to stay, Tea House Boutique Hotel ~ however on my last trip to Cambo's capital, i took a little break from my routine (maverick, that i am) & stayed at their sister hotel (not straying too far, like), Blue Lime

Blue Lime Hotel is ultimate urban zen ~ a quirky 23-room boutique hotel hidden down a leafy lane in Phnom Penh's historic district, with a bright & breezy reception area opening up over a large aqua marine swimming pool. Surrounding the pool are languidly lazy day-beds, shaded lounge chairs invitingly draped with fluffy towels in the hotel's colour scheme & tree-shaded gazebos, all from which you can relax around the refreshing pool of water sunbathin n suppin cocktails from the hotel bar

those wanting poolside privacy should check out the amazing private poolside rooms, with a super luxe queen-size bed, secluded terrace & their own salt water plunge pool ~ actual heaven! but to be honest, everything down to the 'standard' doubles are anything but standard! ~ the rooms are each furnished with sumptuous queen-size beds & big bathrooms with hot rainfall showers, all designed in minimalist style peppered with Asian charm. industrial cement walls fitted with hardwood surfaces are streamlined with all-white design & enhanced by vivid lime, aqua, lemon & fusia silk cushions & traditional Cambodian ornaments

when i stayed there i had just finished a seriously intense, but truly amazing, additional 200-hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, so touching down in my favourite country for some welcome respite, to ease my muscles & retox a little with poolside margaritas was exactly what i needed ~ & Blue Lime Hotel was just the ticket

tired from overnight travel, thankfully the check-in was seamless & smiley. i was in my room within minutes & flopping down onto my own queen-size bed was like sinking into a cloud. i love that all of the hotels in the Maads Asia group offer their guests the softest cotton dressing gowns to float around in ~ so i permitted myself to be unashamedly lush & lazy, taking a few hours to lay by the pool as dusk settled in, cheating on my margaritas by trying the bar's signature serve (the award-winning Kiwi Cooler) & grazing on chilli & lemongrass salted peanuts (probably one of my favourite things about Asia!) & then taking myself off to bed early to settle into those sheets..

** the Maads Hotel Group are totally against plastic straw & use locally made bamboo alternatives instead ~ gwarn guys! even more reason to be all over the drinks menu! **

after a luxuriously long sleep (i'm basically a cat & refuse anything less than 9 hours!) i took my yoga mat to the far corner of the pool & got my practice in before breakfast. poolside pranyama, morning meditation & a sweaty mandala flow focusing on twists & backbends under a blanket of Durian trees before tucking into an icy cold fresh fruit smoothie, a giant plate of tropical fruit & a badass Khmer style coffee ~ strong, black & thick with creamy condensed milk (not plantbased or particularly healthy ~ but when in Cambo...)

a hot breakfast is included in your stay as well so i ordered a big stack of veggie omlette which comes with a side of croissants thanks to the country's French influence, which i saved in my minibar fridge to munch on later..

the breakfast hoarding was because as well as being right in the historic district, Blue Lime is a short tuktuk ride from my favourite place to practice yoga in the Penh, Nataraj Studio, & this girl can't be in the city & miss out on serious Ashatanga vibes fromVat Kimly or free-moving flows by my girl Meira, so (after my first breakfast) i booked into a late morning class

there are so many more benefits to this hotel than its location, but its location really is spot on. if you're a wellness loving traveler like me then you have the beauty of the city's best yoga studio & some amazing vegan restaurants like Backyard Eats a short ride away. if you're into art & culture then you'll love that you can explore the city's most famous landmarks on foot.

one of my favourite spots for a drink, the FCC along the riverside is also an easy walk from the hotel, and sunset over the Mekong River is something that never should be missed

if you're simply a lover of boutique hotels & staying strictly poolside then Blue Lime won't disappoint. the menu has everything from amazingly healthy smoothies & fresh teas to street food inspired local cuisine, international dishes & innovative cocktails

there isn't a spa in the hotel, but another one of my favourite Phonm Penh pitstops, Bodia Spa..

(worth checking out the vintage clothing boutiques, ethically-made fashion stores & wine bars on the same street as Bodia Spa street as well)

...happens to play nicely with Blue Lime, who offer complimentary tuk tuk rides to the most zen spot to get a massage, facial or beauty treatment. the spa is open late so you can have a cruisy little back rub, peruse its shop (dangerous if you're a total magpie when it comes to crystals, jewellery, Himalayan salt lamps & Buddha insense holders!) before dinner & drinks out in the cidddyyyy

there is something about Tea House that will always be so special to me ~ it was the first place i checked into when my soul needed a little asylum at the start of the year & will always be a place I choose to lay my head when i want to take myself away from the world. but after a dreamy couple of days staying at its little sister site, if i'm down to chill in capital, want a space for dips in the pool between yoga classes, or if life is throws me more lemons ~ Blue Lime is where you'll find me makin lemonade


~ thank you guys, especially Grace & Bernard, for making my stay so special ~

During low season, rack rates for rooms are between $50 to $85 per night and go up to between $60 and $95 during high season. On Agoda and Booking.com you’ll find rooms at Blue Lime as low as $40 or $45, which is, quite frankly, a steal.

→ Check prices at the Blue Lime on Booking.com and Agoda nowas 

Blue Lime Hotel

42 Street 19z (off Street 19), Royal Palace area, Phnom Penh
T: 023 22 22 60

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