My Yoga Style & Story

I offer a creative, intuitive & energetically-guided practice, carefully sequenced to inspire all levels of students to flow with ease & grace around the mat ~ empowering practitioners to take their practice into their own hands & move to stillness with consciousness…

I truly connected with the yoga practice in 2014 when I traveled to India to work at Soul & Surf, Kerala. Leaving behind a stressful career in PR & a history of depression, anxiety & eating disorders, it was in India that i first learned to face myself on the mat & use my practice to journey within & connect to something higher

I've never looked back. this practice has healed & grown me to levels of health, abundance, gratitude & peace of mind that I could never have imagined

It's allowed me to follow my calling, find my passion, walk my Dharmic path & travel the world, where I hope to play my part in sharing this healing & transformational wisdom, continue to grow, see stunning new places & meet amazing people...

I hope so much to meet many of you readers/friends on the mat in classes & on retreats so that you can share in this journey with me


what i offer

Vinyasa & Mandala

Dynamic creatively sequenced practices

Vinyasa Flow

Graceful, breath-led & creatively sequenced flows

Unconstrained by the rules of Ashtanga but taking inspiration from its foundations, I offer an energetic, free-moving practice, empowering yogis to listen to their inner guide & connect with the breath to move intuitively & consciously through the practice

Mandala Flow

A dynamic 360° spiralling Vinyasa style practice, opening & closing with Yin

With an Ashtanga foundation but influenced by the Mayan calendar & the four elements (earth, water, fire & air) Mandala Flow sees us move creatively in circular patterns around the mat, with a focus on a single element & its correlating target area in the body

This breath-led, energetic flow allows practitioners to create space, journey within & move in a truly liberating way

Reiki Level 1

Powerful energy healing to balance the body


A spiritual healing technique with roots in Japanese origin

The word Reiki comes from the word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things, & this subtle & effective form of energy work uses hands-on, hands-off or soft-touch techniques to re-balance energy in the body

Yin Yoga

Deeply restorative, long-hold practices


A practice that I absolutely love ~ deeply releasing yoga working into the deepest level of tissue in the body (the fascia)

In yin yoga we work with a series of long hold restorative poses (I teach around 4/5 minute-long poses but love to go much longer in my self practice), to improve flexibility, create space & help mindfulness

This practice is simple, but by no means easy ~ & serves as an amazing segway to meditation.

With patience & commitment to this practice, you will find that your more dynamic practices are transformed & that this brings some very much needed stillness & balance to our lives

“Rebound” (relaxation) poses are taken between each posture with a deeply relaxing extra long Savasana to close

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